At St Martha’s Catholic Primary School Strathfield, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Carolyn Parsell
Assistant Principal Steven Belcastro
Religious Education
Attilia Kazacos
Coordinators Josephine Antoniadis and Cindy Ronzini
Kindergarten Blue Teachers Attilia Kazacos
Adelaide Cavallaro
Kindergarten Gold Teacher Tania Bucciarelli
Year 1 Blue Teachers Catherine Kotsiou
Year 1 Gold Teachers Jana Mitrevski
Adriana Tohme
Year 2 Blue  Danielle Favotto
Year 2 Gold Teachers
Cindy Ronzini
Elizabeth Keating
Year 3 Blue Jacinta Moore
Year 3 Gold Danielle Cremona
Year 4 Gold Adriana Athitakis
Year 4 Blue Josephine Antoniadis

Adelaide Cavallaro

Year 5 Blue Bibiana Saade
Year 6 Blue Suha Noun
Finance and Administration Caroline Chahine
Administration Melinda Roche
Library Rachel Phillips
Reading Recovery
Elizabeth Keating
Music/Drama Catherine Wood
Special Needs Teacher Kate Dale
Gifted Education Teacher Judy Cormack
EALD Teacher Kate Zilich
Family Educator Elena Razzoli
String Ensemble Ruth Choong
Learning Support Officer Jackie Earl
Learning Support Officer Rita Felsch
Learning Support Officer Rachel Phillips