Students at our school now have a new place to play – our multipurpose courts, fresh from an extensive refurbishment process last year.

Originally used for tennis, the courts are now a wonderful playground used daily by students. The new space includes grassy areas for free play and eating, one tennis court and one multi-purpose court which accommodates basketball, netball, soccer and tennis.

‘St Martha’s Tennis Club was established in the 1920’s on private land and became a vibrant social part of our school’s parish. It was an integral part of the parish for 80 years,’ said Principal Judy Gastin.

‘In the late 40’s, the land on which the three tennis courts stood was donated to the parish.’

In the 1990’s, the Archdiocese of Sydney agreed that St Martha’s School could use the courts as a much needed playground, given the decline in tennis in the community and the needs of the school.

Despite their refurbishment, the legacy of St Martha’s Tennis Club is respected. Children still play tennis on the courts, and tennis lessons are held after school twice each week.